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Heya!Welcome in, and thanks for stopping by!I'm a furry author, variety streamer, occasional artist and creator of the Skyshard original universe. If you like steampunk, transformation, or just tales of adventure, check out my library to find my various works.I also stream on Twitch at least twice a week playing anything from FPS games, to RPGs, MMOs, and a little bit of everything in between.Be sure to check out my social media for the latest info on what I'm working on, and if you'd like to support my endeavors, I have both a Patreon for Skyshard and a Ko-Fi for general support.Until next time!


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Q: "When do you plan to open?"A: Commissions are something I am not exceptionally comfortable with, so any slots will be limited to extremely small batches for the current time. Slots will be offered first to folks offering monthly support on Ko-Fi/Patreon, followed by my community on Discord, and then finally Social Media. This is not a ploy to get more subs on those services, it's simply to return the kindness of the people who have been supporting me already. Please do not sub to Ko-Fi/Patreon with the expectation of a commission slot. I can not guarantee when I will have the time to open, and I can not guarantee all supporters a slot. Thank you for understanding.Q: "I have an idea for a story that's not laid out in the content restrictions, what should I do?"A: Please feel free to submit it when slots are open. As they are not on a first-come-first-serve basis, I'll look over the idea and decide to take it on. Please be as descriptive as possible, you never know when inspiration will strike and I'll feel the urge to do something a bit outside my wheelhouse!

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Skyshard Lore Documents

TitlePatreon Exclusive (y/n)YearPublic Release Date
Technology and MagicYes202011NOV21
A Guide to AlchemyYes202011NOV21
The Races of Kaelar, a Brief SummaryYes202011NOV21
Location Profile: Bastion CityYes2021TBD
An Exciting Opportunity (Inversions and The Underside)Yes2021TBD

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Prices are set at a ~$0.02/word basis. Prices do not reflect any applicable local taxes or fees that may be required at the time of purchase. Writer overages will not trigger a price increase after payment has been made.

TypeRough Word CountPrice (USD)
Flash Fiction: best suited for individual scenes/vingettes1000-1500$25.00
Short Story: slightly longer, more room for complex ideas and plot2000-3000$45.00
Standard Story: can comfortably have a distinctive beginning, middle, and end4000-5000$90.00
Epic Story: these will be offered on a case by case basis due to extreme complexity and may instead be requested to be broken up into multiple smaller slots6000+$120.00
Private Commission: as a writer, story postings are my only advertisement. if you wish to keep your story private, there is a surcharge to offset the lack of exposure. may be waived at my discretion.Addon Service$10.00

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